The formerly British owned company MG (Morris Garages) has launched its new subscription pack at 50k per month which will allow the user to avail this fantastic of a car at a much affordable price. The ZS EV subscription will be available for instalments for 12, 18, 24 and 36 months in which the last one carry’s the installment of 49.99k.

The new subscription is for the benefit of the user which will allow the user to get rid of the tensions of ownership, paperwork, insurance, after sales, tax exemption etc. which will allow the customer to avail the Electric car feature in such affordable price.

MG ZS EV subscription

ZS EV subscription details

This plan is launched by MG in partnership with 2 more companies Zoomcar and Orix. The former being a self-driving car rental company and later being India’s largest shared mobility platform and will be acting as the company’s development partner. The subscription will be available in 2 types personal and shared, personal being for the customer solely and will be paying the whole amount in installment, while for the shared the customer can share the cost of the installment with another will be sharing the car as their usage. This subscription will be available in 4 cities for now Delhi-NCR, Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

Who will this subscription benefit?

This subscription plan is made for those who want to get rid of the hassle of paperwork needed to be done at the time of buying the car and to rid of the worries about the insurance, taxes, maintenance and services. The customers will also be tension free for selling their cars and also there will be no need to pay the down payment of the car only the subscription price is sufficing.   

The biggest competitor the ZS EV is facing is the Tata Nexon which from the recent sale shows that the ZS EV is not even half as sold as the Nexon EV.

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