Chinese car manufacturer Xpeng revealed P5 smart EV as the first production vehicle to have the LiDAR technology globally.

  • Xpeng stated that P5 is the first production-ready car to have LiDAR technology
  • P5 EV features a sharp and futuristic design element on the exterior as well as on the interior
  • Xpeng stated that the P5 EV has the claimed NEDC-rated driving range of 600 Km

Xpeng Chinese car manufacture has revealed its P5 smart EV with the first production car to have the LiDAR technology. Xpeng previewed its P5 ahead of its debut on Shanghai Auto 2021. The official video and the images of the exterior and interior have been revealed which showcases some sleek design elements on the interior as well as on the exterior. The P5 design features sharp and futuristic X-Shaped LED DRLs, which look amazing, although the front bumper is very slim and has a large air dam space below the headlamps. The vehicle also gets pretty looking machine-cut alloy wheels and has two charging points on both sides of the vehicle just above the front fender.

P5 top view
Xpeng P5 Smart EV

At the rear of P5 gets a small taillight joint with running LED strips horizontally on the back lift boot gate. As per the Interior, it features a massive, 15.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system, fully digital instrument cluster, built-in fridge, a panoramic sunroof, and so on. The front seats of the vehicle can recline completely allowing the passengers to use it as a makeshift bed. As for the dimensions it measures, 4808 mm in length, and has 2768 mm of wheelbase in length. As compared with Tesla’s entry-level Model 3 it is 114 mm shorter and has a 108 mm longer wheelbase. The P5 has the most impressive LiDAR-based autonomous driving technology. The vehicle has LiDAR sensors on the front bumper, which can detect pedestrians, cyclists, road work, static obstacles, and much more.

P5 Interior

The LiDAR technology is capable of working in low light, backlit, and altering lightening conditions as well. It also comes with 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 mm-wave radii, and 13 HD resolution cameras. The manufacture claims that P5 has XPILOT 3.5 Autonomous technology which is the strongest system on a production car. The vehicle is expected to be offered with RWD and AWD configuration and has a claimed NEDC-rated driving range of 600 Km.  

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