The world’s most powerful car the Lotus Evija is an all-electric car that pushes all the boundaries of modern car technologies to its fullest. Many of its rival hypercars offer such high performance via hybrid powertrain but the Evija is solely committed to its electric powertrain which is powered by a massive 70kWh battery, and if you think this massive battery will be taking hours of changing you might think twice as this monstrous battery comes with an ultrafast charger which can charge the car’s battery from 0-80% in just 12 minutes and 18 minutes for a full 100% charge which might even be faster than your phone chargers. And a single charge range up to 400 km.

This massive battery powers a four-motor engine setup which provides a power of about 2000 hp which can make you dizzy if you accelerate too hard and a max torque output of 1700 Nm, coupled with a single-speed automatic transmission that provides power to all of the four wheels. The car weighs around 3700 pounds (1679 kg) which can be considered light for a hypercar and due to this light body and a monstrously powerful engine the 2021 Lotus Evija can sprint from 0-100 kmph in less than 3 seconds and 0-300 kmph in less than 9 seconds with a top speed of 320 kmph.

Talking about the interiors, the Lotus Evija is a 2-passenger hypercar with handle-less butterfly doors and can only be open or closed by central console or by remote keys. The seats feature a carbon fibre shell and thick pads wrapped around layers of microfibers with 8-way electrical seat adjustment and a tilt-adjustable steering wheel. the car also features a three-point seatbelt with an option of a four-point harness. For its features, the car consists of a single screen behind the steering wheel that acts as an all-purpose infotainment and instrument cluster with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, an inbuilt modem to facilitate connectivity and the car also consists of a Smartphone app that enables the owner to monitor their car from anywhere.

For additional information, the Lotus Evija comes with 3 year/58,000 km limited warranty and the same for the powertrain without any complimentary scheduled maintenance. Finally, for the pricing the car is priced at $ 2,100,000 (Rs 17 crore) with just 130 units on sale, however, the Evija is considered illegal on US streets by law.

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