Humble one is the world’s first Solar powered electric SUV, which develops a 90 km driving range every day using solar energy.

  • Humble one uses an 80 Sq. feet of Photovoltaic Solar roofs panels
  • The vehicle is 5 m long and 1800 kilograms in weight
  • It is priced at 109,000 USD and deliveries will commenced from 2024

The California-based start-up named Humble motors has revealed their electric SUV powered with solar energy. The said vehicle can develop 90 km of driving range per day using solar energy, which is very efficient for daily commuters. It is no secret that American manufacturers are taking the zero-emission technology to new limits and heights day-by-day. Tesla making history with several notable achievements and more names like, Lucid, faraday future, Lucid and frisker technology have proved that the zero-emission technology will go better and better in the coming future and the Electric vehicle trend is coming very reckless over the global markets as well, more and more brand is unveiling their best technology electric vehicle that they had like recently Hyundai group revealed, IONIQ-5 of Hyundai and EV6 of Kia.    

Humble one Solar powered electric SUV
Humble one Solar powered electric SUV

Going by the latest trend of developing SUVs for the global market is certainly a good idea although, er have to wait and see how big the success it can give. Currently, as per reports, the humble one features more than 80 Sq. feet photovoltaic solar roof panels. It does the job of storing solar energy in the form of kinetic energy to be used for propelling. It is claimed to be the first vehicle to be solar-powered electric SUV, but it is not the first vehicle to feature solar roofs, as the new Hyundai Sonata and karma revero comes to mind. While the Humble one electric SUV uses solar rood to deliver energy to produce the approximately 96 km of driving range. The vehicle is light weighted, scaled at 1800 Kilograms, and 5 meters long, while the technology is not being revealed by the motors as of now.

Humble motors said that One will cost around 109,000 USD dollars and the deliveries will be commenced from 2024. As per Humble motors, 20 Million USD in pre-bookings have been received for the SUV. The vehicle is claimed to be built with lightness in the mind. Let’s see how much success it can get and what kind of technology being used by the motors.   

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