Alauda Aeronautics finally unveiled world’s first flying race car codenamed Airspeeder MK3 ready to race.

  • Alauda unveiled Airspeeder MK3 flying race car VTOL  
  • Airspeeder MK3 will compete in a racing event at octocopters later this year
  • It is come equipped with swappable battery technology, which claims to take only 14 seconds

Alauda Aeronautics officially unveiled the world’s first flying race car. It is a vertical take-off and landing electric car, one of its kind, and can be controlled through remote as well. The vehicle will compete in the upcoming Octocopter racing event later this, in a series of unmanned Airspeeder MK3. That being said, the vehicle is controlled by a remote controller in a series. Alauda Aeronautics is the sister company of Airspeeder and is building over 10 examples of the MK3 for the remote-controlled racing series program.

Airspeeder MK3 unveiled globally
Front view

Although, the manned racing series is planned for the next year 2022. While for the further development and manufacturing of racing aircrafts the said company has enlisted many big companies name for the help in development, including, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover, Brabham, Babcock Aviation and Boeing. As per claims by the company the Airspeeder MK3 can go up to a high speed of 120 Kmph and can sprint from 0 to 100 Kmph just around in 2.8 seconds, the numbers are quite impressive. However, the aircraft can turn faster than conventional aircraft like a helicopter courtesy of double rotors present on the four corners.


Airspeeder MK3 claim to develops a maximum power output of 429 BHP, which is a lot for the vehicle to weigh at just 130 Kg. The Airspeeder comes with a swappable battery technology, which the company states takes only 14 seconds for swap, courtesy of the quick-release mechanism present in the Vehicle. Airspeeder MK3 body and the frame made using carbon fiber, which ensures the light-weighted structure along with higher performance and efficiency. It also uses LiDAR and radar collision avoidance systems for safety purposes. As of now, we have just to wait for the Octocopter series event later this year to see the full performance of the vehicle.  

Airspeeder MK3 unveiled
Top view

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