World’s First Electric Hybrid motorcycle named as NawaRacer unveiled, and further makes its global debut in coming months.

  • World’s First Electric Hybrid Motorcycle NawaRacer unveiled
  • NawaRacer makes its global debut on a race track in the coming month
  • The Motorcycle takes only 60 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent

Nawa technologies have recently revealed it will be unveiling the first-ever electric Hybrid Motorcycle named as NawaRacer, in the coming months. The concept road version of NawaRacer was first showcased in the last year 2020 CES (Consumer electronics show). The Motorcycle is built in association with YSY group, Prinergy, FAAR, and AKKA technologies. The NawaRacer is not the conventional electric motorcycle by any means as it features a host of new and advanced technologies. NawaRacer comprises a futuristic design and the styling designing philosophy holds plenty of significance to make a mark upon the first sight. The NawaRacer weigh tips to be 150 Kilograms. The Motorcycle makes its global debut in a race track incoming month, which further reveals more information about the Motorcycle.    

NawaRacer electric Hybrid Motorcycle

NawaRacer features retro-styled round-shaped Headlamps with DRLs in a black casing, blackened alloy wheels, smooth flowing lines, and minimalistic bodywork. Along with cooper accents and upright single-piece seat with tan color and exposed rear makes it look amazing, and gives the motorcycle neo-retro look. The café racer bike NawaRacer comes powered by a Lithium-Ion battery pack with uniquely developed ultracapacitors, which the Nawa technologies claimed to be ten times more power and produce 5 times more energy than the conventional existing ultracapacitors. Dubbed NawaCap ultracapacitor, weigh only 10 kilograms and has a capacity of 0.1 KWh. The lightweight aluminum body has an integrated battery pack while the carbon fiber rims and swingarms are used to aid in better handling.   

World's First electric Hybrid Motorcycle NawaRacer
Side profile

NawaRacer comes equipped with a regenerative technology pack, which is claimed to be using 80 percent of the energy generally scrubbed off through braking losses. However, due to its high regenerative power capacity, the NawaRacer comes equipped with just 9 kWh battery pack and has a hub-less rim motor positioned on regular hub-mounted motor developing the maximum power output of 100 PS. The world’s first electric Hybrid Motorcycle NawaRacer inspired from 19060s styling, is said to be having a top speed of 160 Kmph and has a claimed riding range of 150 Km. the urban range is claimed to be having 300 Km and can be charged up to 80 percent in just 60 minutes. Although, the exact charge timing hasn’t been revealed by the company, and we have to wait for the official debut in the coming months.         

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