It’s a well-known superstition that women are the worst version of drivers, be it for India or the rest of the world the thinking is the same. However, according to the stats by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) this superstition proves out to be true in some way. Let’s look at the reason why women are at greater risk of injury or death in car accidents.

According to the police reports evaluated for the years, 1997-2016 its was noticed that men are 3 times less likely to suffer minor injuries than women, like fractures, concussion, and minor wounds. And for the fatal injuries the data almost tells the same story while this time women are twice more likely to get injuries which can cause serious damages like brain damage or their bones piercing their organs and in some cases deaths.

women accident

Amongst the reasons, the most basic and obvious reason was the car size, and to tell you in detail more than 70% of these women were driving either a hatchback or sedan and for men, this percentage was 10% less than for women, for the large SUVs only 5% women were driving them and for the males, this percentage was a lot higher of 20%. This data clearly tell that women tend to prefer travelling in smaller vehicles and men tend to prefer larger vehicles, and according to physics the bigger, the vehicle bigger is the striking force and person driving the bigger vehicles are less likely to get hurt. However, the reports also clarify that most among the males were the ones hitting and the majority of the females were the once being hit.

Another explanation for this topic is that the cars are mostly designed with keeping an idea of an average male body which can be assumed to be about 5.8 foot to 5.9 foot whereas for females this body type design feels a bit on the bigger end. So due to this reason women tend to sit closer to the vehicle steering that increases the chance of chest and leg injuries, moreover these injuries are not totally from the accident but also from the impact of the Airbag, as sitting close to the seating doesn’t give much room for the airbag to open completely (safe distance for the airbag is 10 inches).

But the good news is with the improving safety standards and crash testing agencies also including dummies designed as women the accidents rates have declined. However, when looking at the records women are 40-50% more likely to get serious injuries and 20-30% more likely to meet death than men.

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