Delhi government today announced that starting from 27th of November 2021 all the vehicles be it cars, busses, trucks or bikes running on petrol or diesel will not be allowed to enter Delhi (non-delhi number plate) till the 3rd of December 2022, however, there is an exception for all people working in essential services and also any vehicle running on CNG or Electricity.

The biggest quarries people with other state’s number plate now are wondering that will their car be able to enter the Delhi borders,

  • If they live in Delhi but own any another state’s number plate and what if they need to cross the Delhi border?
  • If you own a Delhi number plate car but will you be allowed to cross and reenter the Delhi premises

The simple answer to these questions is, if you own any number plate except for Delhi then you cannot enter Delhi, even if you live in Delhi. You can only park your car at any metro station and travel through public means.  

To ease the travel between borders Delhi government has also increased the bus services along with the addition of shuttle bus service for many busy roads

These rules were laid down by Delhi Environment minister Gopal Rai, due to the worsening condition of Delhi’s AQI. Schools, Colleges, government offices and even any construction and demolition work were already closed a week ago however few of them will be going into action starting 29th November.

Monitoring these adverse AQI conditions, the Supreme Court of India ordered the Government to find a long-term solution to this every year generated problem. The Court even advised a complete shutdown of the whole NCR region to quickly minimize the pollution problem as the last resort.

The only sector benefiting from this problem is the automobile CNG and EV sector which are gaining popularity and sales as we speak. These scenarios also give the people in metro cities a fine reason to switch to a better and cleaner fuel which will not only impact the environment but also their pockets in a long run.

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