Have you ever been confused looking at some engine’s specifications about what the hell is the difference between a turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated (NA) engine and how do I even pick a car that best suits my style? Then worry not as we today will ease up your problems in choosing which engine type will be much preferable for you.

 The basic explanation engine nowadays is divided into 3 categories namely

  • Naturally Aspirated
  • Supercharged
  • Turbocharged

Each of them has its merits and demerits, so let’s first look at how they work then for whom are they beneficial.

Naturally Aspirated engine

In this type of Internal combustion engine, the air which is used to burn the fuel depends only on the natural atmosphere without any forced mechanism. These are the most basic types of engines used in cars and are being used for quite a long time. The benefits of these types of engines are that they are very quick to respond to your acceleration throttle almost immediate, having a simple mechanism also benefits them in repair and maintenance, fewer parts are also used in these types means less chance of failure and also are more reliable and fuel-efficient.

These types of engines also do have some demerits like the size of these types of engines can be misleading as the power to weight ratio of them aren’t good enough and the power loss in these cars are high on higher elevations.

Now who should choose these cars, the answer is anyone who isn’t much concerned about power and needs a much fuel-efficient car with great reliability and less maintenance cost.

Supercharged engine

 In this type of Internal combustion engine, additional air is fed into the combustion chamber via a crankshaft-driven air compressor. As these engines aren’t dependent on any other mechanism to feed the additional air there tends to be no lag in acceleration and deacceleration of the car. These types of engines also provide better torque at lower rpm if compared to others.

As for the demerits, these engines do consume more oil as the engine develops more power, these engines are all less reliable owing to the many parts required for the mechanism.

Now for who should choose these cars, there isn’t an option for these types in our Indian market.

Turbocharged engine

In this type of Internal combustion engine, additional air is fed into the combustion chamber using the exhaust gases which on expulsion rotates a turbine which in turn rotates another turbine to suck in extra air to burn. What are the merits of these cars? the obvious answer is the more power output, as compared to both the other these engines do produce much more power with the same engines. While these cars do show better fuel efficiency on paper however in reality that isn’t so.

 Who should choose these types? Anyone who prefers power over efficiency or anyone who loves to race.

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