In the current market scenario, many automakers are looking to build more turbo petrol SUVs, while diesel SUVs are in the back seat, we put the same figures to which SUVs to buy?

  • In the BS6 era buying diesel car isn’t worth it, here knows why
  • As for now diesel and petrol prices are all time high in India
  • Full Size SUV powered by petrol deliveries 8 kmpl to 10 kmpl, and diesel one gives 9 kmpl to 13 kmpl on an average

While talking about the current BS6 era many automakers are looking to build more and more petrol-powered SUVs for the Indian market. As the fuel prices are skyrocketing for both petrol and diesel fuel, so we have done some analysis about which SUVs to go for. For earlier to understand all the data figures used are rounded off to a whole number except the final running costs. Let’s start with the compact SUVs, which are extremely popular in the Indian market these days. The typical petrol-powered turbo-charged engine deliveries around 15 kmpl to 19 kmpl. While the diesel engine develops the average 16 kmpl to 22 kmpl in real-world conditions, it gets even lower if you live in a city like Delhi or Mumbai.

Which SUVs to buy petrol or diesel
Hyundai Creta 2022

As if we assume petrol and diesel prices at Rs 101 and Rs 90 per liters, then this translates to a running cost of Rs 14 per km for petrol and 11 per km. Calculating an average journey of 15,000 km a petrol Compact SUV would cost Rs 1,22,500 for the petrol version and Rs 75,500 for diesel engines. Now if we look at bigger full-size SUVs, a typical petrol model deliveries between 5 kmpl to 8 kmpl, while diesel model would get 9 km to 12 km. Assuming the fuel prices and annual travel would be the same, the petrol-powered full-size SUVs would cost Rs 1,91,250 to Rs 3,06,000 for every year.

Which SUVs to buy petrol or diesel
Which SUVs to buy petrol or diesel

A diesel on another hand requires a running cost of around Rs 1,16,250 to Rs 1,55,000, which is half the costs. So, if you buy the car to keep it in your garbage for 10 years then the petrol SUV would costs Rs 30 lakh for the run, while the diesel-powered Full-Size SUV would cost around Rs 15.1 lakh. This means it is almost half of the price, resulting in a difference of Rs 15 lakh. The same thing goes for the compact SUV, as they feature almost the same figures while the running costs would be less because they feature a 1.0 liter or 1.2-liter engine on average. However, the fuel prices won’t be the same for an entire decade and the running cost will be lower or higher depending on you.       

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