Time for the oil-powered cars is slowly reaching its limit, with the rising of fuel prices and concern of pollution these oil burners are slowly losing their importance and a distant future what we though about electricity being a power source to fuel our automobile is not far fetched anymore, one can even say the electric vehicles are at the brink of going mainstream. Many companies have even gone EV only like the British Company Mini Cooper has recently announced its last oil burner car is going to be released very soon.

However, these everyday growing fuel prices and pollution hazards are not compelling enough to get them to switch over to electricity as fuel. The premium pricing to these EV cars aside the main reason people hesitate to switch over to the EV side is the anxiety of the EV’s range, even Car batteries providing a single-charge range of a few hundred kilometers doesn’t seem to please this fear of running out of power in the middle of nowhere.

EV cars

While a better infrastructure to facilitate charging stations can be a really good approach, but the real problem here is the battery capacity and the confusion of which battery range to choose from that will prove out to be most suitable to you. In the last few years, the EV technology has flourished at an astounding rate, gone are the days where EV cars only meant a range of 80-100 km and speed lower than a rickshaw, but now there are even cars with a single charge range of up to 1000 km and some of the most powerful cars are all-electric like the Lotus Evija with a 0-100 sprint time of less than 3 seconds.

One of the most affordable EV cars in the Indian market the Tata Tigor EV has a single-charge range of 200 km. above it comes the Tata Nexon EV with an ARAI certified range of 300 km, next comes cars in more premium range like the MG ZS EV and the Hyundai Kona which can provide a mileage of upto 400 km. However, the downside of these cars a missing battery power option to choose from for the same car, unlike India other countries like US, UK, China has 2 to 3 battery option to choose from on a single car. These options let the user become flexible with their choice and provide a better option for customers like if a person wants a car for its everyday usage, won’t be willing to pay a hefty amount to get a car with 600-700 km range so can opt for a lower battery option.

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