Ever imagined, what will happen when a Tesla Model S is equipped with not one or two but three portable jet engines, will they be able to produce a significant change in speed or acceleration or will they prove to be just useless?

Before answering this question, let me tell you that Tesla has already promised to produce an EV sports car which will be equipped with 10 jet booster rockets, however, this idea is still very far-fetched as there isn’t any road or tack where these cars might be feasible or even legal. Although we still do not know what surprises the future still holds.

Now answering the title of this topic Warped Perception’s Matt Mikka has designed a Tesla Model S P85 that includes 3 portable jet engines attached to the back of the car. And to test out how efficient will these 3 jet engines will be, Matt initially makes his car sprint on the normal battery-powered engine which provided a result of 60 mph (96 km/h) and then proceeds to test out his modifications by running his Tesla at full power along with all 3 jet engines at full throttle.

The results for the final test are pretty interesting as the Jet engines at full power were able to reduce the sprint time of 0-60 mph by 1 second which is pretty impressive however this addition might be pretty useless other than for racing.

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