In recent times Indian automakers have given a lot of Safety features. Gone are the days when we as consumers are satisfied with 2 airbags, ABS, and reverse parking assist. Today along with physical safety features plenty of electronic safety features are also been provided in future cars. One less knows safety feature is Cornering stability control in cars?

We don’t know about that safety feature but it is one of the most features during the cornering or when we are going on around. So, in this article, we will talk in detail about electronic safety features and What is Cornering stability control in cars?

What is cornering Stability control ?
  • What is the need of cornering Stability control?

When we drive cars at high speed, every moment at that time is a tremendous difference in directions. If you come across any turn at high speed, your natural reaction at that moment is to apply some brakes and take the speed down a little before making a turn. However, if you do so then Vehicle will oversteer, which you don’t want.

Oversteer means while making a turn vehicle weight moves towards the direction you are turning. Now at that moment you apply brakes, the forces are higher on the side you are turning. This would result in turning your vehicle completely to that side and possibly getting off the road or getting your vehicle hitting another car. To avoid this carmaker, use the cornering stability control feature.

What is cornering Stability control ?
  • How does the cornering Stability control work?

The CSC kicks when it senses that vehicle is making a turn either at high speed or low speed. The Cornering stability control will regulate the braking applied by the driver to both the side and help the car to maintain Ina straight line instead of oversteer.

For example, if you taking a turn on right the weight of the vehicle heads to the left wheel and the braking forces are higher on left than on right, which makes low traction on the right wheels. At this time CSC kicks in and regulates the braking forces applied equally on both wheels to make the vehicle go in a straight line.  

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