Volvo C40 rechargeable electric SUV Coupe is basically the Coupe version of the XC40 EV car, and underpinning the same platform.

* Volvo C40 offers with a same Drive train as in XC40 EV

* Volvo C40 only offers in battery powered EV no petrol, Diesel and Hybrid offerings

* C40 develops maximum power output of 408 HP and 660 Nm of torque

Volvo has revealed its second zero-emission vehicle C40. It is basically the coupe version of the XC40 electric vehicle. Although like XC40 it doesn’t offer any Diesel, petrol and Hybrid powertrains option, rather than these it only offers battery powered rechargeable EV car. Volvo C40 will go on sale in 2022, in the European markets. C40 measures 4.43 m in length, and 2.04 m in width same as the Volvo XC40, although the height of the C40 is 1.58 m slightly shorter than XC40. The Slight difference between C40 and XC40 is the Coupe-style design of sloping rooflines.

VOlvo C40 EV revealed
Volvo C40 Side view

The manufacturer also stated during the unveiled that, C40 will offer a range of colors and interior material trims, however, the leather upholstery won’t be in the offering. Also, due to the coupe-style design, the passenger seat headroom is quite less compared with XC40. On the other hand, the boot space is at 413 Litres and the front storage space is 31 liters same as in XC40. As for the performance, it also features the same, twin-motor Setup one motor on each axle same as on XC40, drawing power from 78 KWh battery packs, that generates a maximum power output of 408 HP and peak torque of 660 Nm.

2021 Volvo C40
Volvo C40 Instrument Cluster

The C40 driving range is rated at 418 km with a fully charged battery WLTP certified. The Battery will also support the 150 KW DC fast charging, which will charge up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes. The company also stated that, to simplify the buying process keeping the trim levels in mind that the vehicle will only available for sale or lease online. Pricing for C40 still uncovered but we expected it to be under the XC40 range. C40 rivals the likes of Tesla Model 3, the upcoming Audi E-Tron, Tesla Model Y, and Volkswagen ID 4, in the international markets. Volvo is planning to launch XC40 in the Domestic market soon, likely during this year onwards.    

 Volvo C40
C40 Infotainment Screen with iconic vertical AC vents

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