Volkswagen acronym to VW, is a German Automaker established on the request of Adolf Hitler in 1937 by German Labour Front and Ferdinand Porsche. The name of the company “Volkswagen” comes from the German language translating to “People’s car”. Manufacturer of the most popular and iconic Beetle, It is the largest passenger vehicle manufacturer in the world. It tops the charts according to the worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017. Volkswagen Group is the group and a parent company to the various automakers in the world. It consists of a total of 12 automakers including the premium, luxuries and sports car brands Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Skoda and more. Volkswagen as the flagship brand of the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen India details and Line-up:

Company entered in India in 2007 with the launch of popular international sedan Passat. Later in 2019, The Group merged its three subsidiaries in India announcing the single entity “Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private limited”. This company focuses to manufacture and sell cars from Volkswagen, Skoda and their luxuries brand Audi. They also import and sell the vehicles from their Porsche and Lamborghini as well. This Company has a production plant in Chakan, Maharashtra which manufactures the vehicles for Volkswagen and Skoda Auto. While the assembly plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra produces vehicles of Skoda Auto as well as for Audi India.

In India, VW has made its name for the fine build quality, features and support. For such, they have more than 153 dealerships and service centres all over India. Currently, company has a line-up of six vehicles out of which their most popular and affordable car is Polo. This hatchback has a sporty design and grabs a lot of attention for the customers looking for a powerful well build car. For the other segments, VW offers cars like Vento and Tiguan. Let’s have a look at the cars available from this company.

2021 Volkswagen Polo and vento