Volkswagen recently showcased its new ID life compact crossover concept EV which will be making its way to the global market by 2025. The car is the company’s first car to be built on the small MEB entry platform. The ID Life marks the company’s 6th EV after the e-up, e-power, iD3, iD4 and iD5. As for the Indian market, Volkswagen is planning to launch the iD4 EV in 2022 while the carmaker will be launching the new petrol powered Volkswagen Taigun in a few weeks.

The ID life is the first ever Volkswagen car to be built on the MEB entry platform that has a shorter 2,650 mm wheelbase to fit the urban crossover concept theme. While talking about the engine, the ID Life differs from its siblings quite a bit, as the car features a front-mounted motor unlike its siblings ID3 and ID4 which comes with RWD and AWD options. This front-mounted motor can generate a maximum power of up to 231 hp and can even sprint from 0 to 100 in less than 6 seconds.  

Talking about the design, the ID Life features a similar boxy design as of the ID siblings however, apart from that the concept also features a detachable roof which can be availed in various materials including GTI tartan.

The interior of the car has been kept minimal with most controls kept at the steering rather than the dashboard. Volkswagen also has designed an out of the box system, where the infotainment system will be controlled via smartphone which can be attached to the dash magnetically. The company also boasts about the extensive use of recycled materials for many things like seat fabrics etc. which further pushes VW’s sustainability agenda.

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