Volkswagen has finally unveiled the ID.4 GTX version, which is more powerful and accelerates quicker than the standard ID.4.

  • Volkswagen Unveiled ID.4 GTX
  • ID.4 GTX has a claimed top speed of 180 Kmph
  • Volkswagen ID.4 GTX priced at Euro 50,415 in Germany

Volkswagen has finally unveiled the most teased ID.4 GTX version officially for the European markets. Compared with the standard ID.4 the GTX version has more power and accelerates quicker than ID.4. The GTX nameplate is coming to a comeback after a long period of time, adds up an electric motor to increases its performance. The ID.4 GTX develops a maximum power output of 295 HP, which is when compared with standard ID.4 is 94 HP more. The standard ID.4 comes paired with a single electric motor that delivers power to the rear wheel, which develops 201 HP of maximum power, but in GTX an additional motor has been added to deliver power to the front axle and adds up 95 HP of power. Although, Volkswagen hasn’t released the torque ratings for ID.4 GTX.

Interior ID.4
volkswagen ID.4 GTX interior

The Volkswagen GTX can sprint from zero to 100 Kmph in just 6.2 Seconds, while the has a top speed of 180 Kmph, compared with standard one has 20 Kmph more top speed and 2.3 Second faster. The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX comes powered with a 77 kWh battery pack, that develops a total driving range of 480 Km WLTP cycle, while the standard has a claimed range of 500 km. The manufacturer also claims that charge for half an hour will add up to 300 Km of driving range as it charges at the rate of 125 KW. The GTX nameplate is been in the business for more than four decades now, as performance-oriented vehicles will have the E badge. Also, the brand confirmed that the GTX badge will be sued in their ID EV.

GTX badging
GTX Badging

In Germany, the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX priced range starting from euro 50,415 (Converted to INR Rs 45.40 lakh) – Which is Euro 6000 (INR Rs 5.40 lakh) more than standard RWD ID.4. Some of the highlights of ID.4 GTX 20-inch blacked alloy wheels, IQ LED matrix headlights, blackened spoilers and intake grille, heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, and red stitching. The GTX can be had with sport package and Sports plus package, the former will get the lowering suspension by 15 mm and the latter will have DCC adaptive dampers.       

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