Unpaid challan by violators will face a temporary jail notice if they can’t clear the fine amount. Over 1.16 lakh violators will get the notice.

  • Unpaid challan by violator are worth Rs 16.51 crore
  • The challan was being made for January 2021 to September 2021
  • Challan notices were made through Text message to registered number

The Thana traffic police from Mumbai has issued unpaid Challan violator’s notice through a text message on their registered mobile number. The Challan was prepared from the period January 2021 to September 2021. The Thana police have found over 1.16 lakh violators who haven’t deposited their challans of either speed, light jump, seat belt, and many other situations. Notices have been sent to traffic violators for the same and said that either pay the remaining challan at the nearest traffic police chowki or to be present at the look Adalat.

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unpaid challan violators notice

If these conditions didn’t fill by the violators, they will be ready to face temporary jail. According to the Thane traffic police, the notices were sent through text messages to their registered mobile numbers and if they didn’t clear these challans on time then, all the violators will face the consequences according to their lifted unpaid amount. With the text message, a link is also provided by which the violators can go through challans and the basis on which the challan is being issued. The consistent link on the message is also available with the Challan document and one can download it.

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unpaid challan violators notice
unpaid challan violators notice

However, the challan document is made available in both English and Marathi language. Furthermore, police have attached the place and images of the violation area and details along with the document. It also claims that if the challan is still left unpaid, the concerned matter will take towards the look Adalat on 15th October 2021. Authorities also claim that if the violators didn’t present in look Adalat, next time his/her vehicle is seen on road. It will get seized and released only after the unpaid amount or fine is paid. While the total unpaid challan for the session is around Rs 16.58 crore and over 1.16 lakh violators didn’t pay in just a small city like Mumbai. So, one can also imagine the unpaid amount in the whole country.  

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