Nowadays car companies have been experimenting quite a lot with the design of their cars so it stands out for all of its rivals retaining its signature features like BMW has its grille, Lamborghini has its low ride, Porsche has its oval headlamps and many more. Taking about the headlamps not many of the audience are familiar with all the different types of headlamps and why are some of them so very expensive. Today we bring you the different types of headlamps used in cars nowadays and some merits and demerits of using them.

Halogen Headlamps

Halogen headlamps are the most commonly used headlamps that you will see on the road. The technology behind it is similar to the bulb used in your household which lights up yellowish-white when electricity passes through the filament which is kept inside halogen filled gas chamber which is extremely heat resistant.

These bulbs have the lowest range amongst all the other headlamps which can go up to 100 meters in range and is high power-consuming with most of the power lost in the form of heat which is the reason these bulbs have the lowest life span in comparison. The only advantage is that these bumps are easily available and are comparably very cheap than others.

Xenon or HID Headlamps

HID (High-intensity discharge) or Xenon Headlamps works on the same principle as the CFL used in your homes. These bulbs work by creating a high voltage area between the two electrodes inside a chamber filled with Xenon gas.

The demerit of these types of headlamps is that they tend to take some time to reach their full brightness level as the gas takes time to heat up and produce blueish-white light. However, the HID must be used alongside any other headlight which will act as a high beam for the car. The range on these headlamps can go up to 200 to 250 meters. And are slightly more expensive than Halogen ones.

LED Headlamps

The most trending headlamps used nowadays are the LED headlamps which work on simple equipment which are called light-emitting diodes. The best thing about these LEDs is not only they are low power consumption but also produce very little heat when lit up and that even in an instant.

The range on these headlamps can go up to 300 meters. And are quite expensive than the other two.

Matrix Headlamps

Also known as pixel headlights is a complex combination of LED lights that are controlled individually depending on the scenario which is determined by the camera fitted behind the inside of your rearview mirror which detects the lights of the oncoming traffic and adjusts the brightness accordingly. These headlamps are extremely expensive and are only available in luxury cars like Audi.

Laser Headlamps

These are the most expensive headlamps available out there in the market and are only available on selected cars. the working behind these is simple as the Laser lights energize a gas by the use of a laser which makes the gas glows extremely bright. With the range of these headlamps reaching up to 600 meters.

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