The third highest-selling electric car in India, the Hyundai Kona EV has yet again raised concern amongst the buyers of the car as the Kona EV has been reported not once but twice, that the parked car busted into flames with no reason known. Earlier the Korean company had recalled its Kona EV models which involved around 77,000 units globally the reason for this recall was given out to be chances of a potential fire hazard for which the company was ready to replace the battery inside the car and any component that might be triggering this hazard. However, the situation doesn’t seem to cool down for the carmakers as some new reports of the Hyundai Kona EV catches fire has emerged.    

The first report is from the home country South Korea, in this case the Kona EV was parked (not in charging state) when the fire broke out according to local news, to which the carmaker has assured to investigate this matter along with LG Energy Solutions and KATRI (Korean Automobile Testing & Research Institute).

The second report came from hundreds of kilometres apart Oslo, Norway, where a similar situation occurred while the car was parked in an unplugged state and suddenly caught fire. The Flames that emerged were massive enough to call the Firefighters who when failed to blow out the flames via normal means had to submerge the whole car in a large container filled with water to stop the fire.

The good thing about it was no injuries were reported due to the incident and the car which burst out in flames found out to be manufactured in March 2020, so was not subjected to the recall. But this incident will surely and greatly impact the global image of the company and might also affect the sales of its Ioniq 5 model.

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