Toyota recently released it sales sheets showcasing it sales for the month of May 2021, and God it’s bad, the company only managed to sale a total of 707 passenger car units for last month, with almost 0 new car produced by the company. One of the two reasons for such a small sale is the second wave of the pandemic which not only made everyone run for their lives but also resulted in almost a nation-wide lockdown, and we say “almost” because no lockdown was declared by the central government, however, almost all the states declared their separate lockdowns. The second reason for this drop was the company’s announcement of the annual maintenance of the plant which coincided with the lockdown period.

Toyota registered an MoM sales drop of 93% as the company sold a total of 9,622 units in April 2021 and as for the YoY sales, the company became the only company in the automobile industry to register a YoY sales drop and that so even of 57%.

The company’s Sr. Vice President Naveen Soni thew some light on the company’s situation and told the media that “Last month witnessed no production at our plants in Bidadi as well as minimal sales owing to the much-needed restrictions and sporadic lockdowns in different parts of the country. Hence comparing last month’s performance to that of May 2020 would be highly skewed, as May 2020 had witnessed a gradual restart of both operations and sales. More so for TKM, as even before the restrictions were announced in Karnataka, we were well within our planned annual maintenance shutdown, thereby adding onto the number of non-production days.”

Toyota is planning on launching the rebadged version of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz which will be called the Toyota Beta which is to boost up the sales of the sedan segment and will be replacing the not so famous Toyota Yaris. The Belta will have the same engine and feature specs as that of the Ciaz however, the looks of the car is subject to change if desired by the company.

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