April has been a rough month for all of the car companies in India and this month’s sales are gonna be more horrifying, to say the least as the majority of the production pant of car manufacturers are either shut due to lockdown or are underpowered due to the Covid restrictions. Compared to that March 2021 was a great month for the carmaker, same can be said for Toyota which achieved its highest-ever sale in the month of March in the last eight years. Talking about the sales the company’s sales dropped by 35.86%, Toyota made a total sale of 9,622 units in April 2021 as compared to the sale of 15,001 units in March 2021. Here is the Toyota sales Analysis for the month of April 2021.

The car which garnered the best sales amongst all the other models turned out to be the MPV Toyota Innova Crysta which managed to sell a total of 3,600 units in April 2021, compared to the sale of 5,743 units translation to an MoM growth of -37.31%. At the 2nd spot on the list is the Maruti borrowed Toyota Glanza which achieved a sale of 2,185 units last month compared to the 3,162 units sale in March 2021, receiving a roughly MoM de-growth of 31%. At the number 3 spot we again have a Maruti borrowed car, the Toyota Urban Cruiser, which sold a total of 2,115 units last month compared to 2,989 units sold a month before that, translating to an MoM growth of -29.24%.

ModelsMarch 2021 salesApril 2021 salesMoM growth
Toyota Innova Crysta5,7433,600-37.31
Toyota Glanza3,1622,182-30.99
Toyota Urban Cruiser2,9892,115-29.24
Toyota Fortuner2,1361,414-33.80
Toyota Yaris871285-67.28
Toyota Vellfire6525-61.54
Toyota Camry310-100.00

At the 4th spot, we have the Toyota Fortuner which managed to sell a total of 1,414 units compared to 2,136 units a month before that. The last 3 spots have been secured by the Yaris, Vellfire and Camry which sold 285-, 25- and 0-units last month.

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