Toyota reportedly working on launching new electric vehicles in the Indian market as well as in the American automobile market.

  • Toyota launching two pure electric vehicle this year
  • Brand also on planning to launch PHEV
  • Out of 2 vehicles one could be SUV and another could be hatchback

Toyota’s road to the electric vehicle advancement has been bizarre, although the carmakers introduced plug-in Hybrid cars way ahead of the intended transitions came. But in the pure electric battery vehicles, the Japanese giant doesn’t make any big impact in that segment till now. Global volume brands like Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, GM, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, and Honda, have already showcased their plans for the future electric cars, and now Toyota also jumping on the bandwagon finally. As old, saying “Kal kare soo aaj kar”, as per recent reports emerged and flowing through the internet that, Toyota finally being in talks to launch their two new pure electric battery vehicles and a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) by the end of this year itself.

Toyota planning to two new Electric Vehicle this year
Toyota electric SUV crossover patent leaked image

Toyota has expected to do an electric offensive as early as 2019, but due to the economical crisis and health crisis, it delayed for this year. In a recent interview with Bob Carter, vice president of sales for Toyota North America acknowledged that Prius had made a strong impact over the last 20 years while stating that Bob carter also mentioned that new electrified products will provide customers new powertrain options as per their requirements. Automotive News reports that out of 2 one could be SUV.

Toyota planning to launch 2 new Electric Vehicle this year
C-HR plug-in hybrid Unveiled

Toyota Luxury arm Lexus could also get its first pure electric vehicle as well towards the end of the year 2021. But, as of now no official statements has been passed from the brand, Toyota could use SUV space for an electric vehicle since the segment attracts more buyers in recent times. Although, it is no secret that Toyota is working on developing BEV (battery electric vehicle) dedicated platform which suits all different kind of body styles. In the 1990s the Japanese car manufacturer retiled electric RAV4 for California residents and the Mirai fuel cell-powered electric vehicle was restricted in the same city. So, developing an EV is not new for a giant like Toyota, let’s see how things work out for the brand.  

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