Toyota fuel cell-powered electric vehicle Mirai sets a new world record by beating, Hyundai Nexo hydrogen-powered electric vehicle.

  • Toyota Mirai beats Hyundai Nexo and sets a new world record
  • The EV was driven by four drivers from south of Paris between Loir-et-cher and Indre-et-lorie
  • Few weeks ago, Hyundai Nexo covered a total distance of 887.5 Km between Melbourne and broken hill In Australia

Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell-powered electric vehicle has beaten the Hyundai Nexo last record and sets a new world of traveling the largest distance in a single charge with FCEV. Although many mainstream automobile manufacturers have been working on developing the battery-powered electric vehicle, some manufacturers still got faith in FCEVs. Many Asian companies are working on hydrogen-powered electric vehicles like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and many more. Toyota has beaten the Nexo record as the war for the leader in alternative a mobility solution rages on. The hydrogen-powered electric vehicle has been ruled out as the immediate alternative power source by many brands but Volvo sees a lot of potential in the long-haul trucking department.

Toyota Mirai world record
Mirai made a world record travel 1000 Km in a single charge

Many Asian automakers are still investing in hydrogen-powered automobiles, and some are doing notable changes and development in the department and keeps on investing in research and development for safer and lighter mobility in the future. The Toyota Mirai has set a world record for longest distance traveled by fuel cell electric vehicle in a single charge. The electric vehicle was driven by four drivers and metered a total distance of 1000 Km and still, a 9 km driving range has been left as shown in the instrument cluster. The trip is metered from south of Paris between Loir-etcher and Indre-et-Lorie. It should also be noted that the average consumption of hydrogen per kilometer is limited to 0.55 grams.

Toyota Mirai world record
Mirai Hydrogen powered EV

The company also stated that the hydrogen used by Mirai is completely natural as the three tanks in Mirai can be filled with up to 5.6 Kg of hydrogen, and the interesting fact is that it only takes minutes to refill it. That being said, the biggest advantage of Hydrogen-powered vehicles is that the refilling of gas is faster than battery-powered electric vehicles. On the occasion Mr. Victorien Erussard, founder and captain of the first zero-emission hydrogen ship sailing around the world, “I am very happy to taken behind the wheel for 1000 Km challenge of the all-new Mirai, Toyota is always at the forefront of hydrogen innovation and our bond becomes stronger and stronger year after year”. Just a few weeks ago, Hyundai Nexo covered a total distance of 887.5 Km and it lasted 13 hours 6 minutes with an average speed of 66.96 Kmph and it’s been broken now.   

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