The year 2020 was a roller-coaster of a year for the auto industry but towards the end, most of the manufacturers ended up on a positive note, and to continue this positive growth Toyota has come up with some extremely lucrative and pleasing deal for this month. Toyota February 2021 discounts consist of various models from the most affordable Toyota Glanza hatchback to the identical twin of Maruti Vitara Brezza, the Toyota Urban Cruiser.

The first car we have on the list is the Toyota version of Maruti Baleno, the Toyota Glanza. Even though the Maruti version of this car has shown prominent growth but the Glanza didn’t manage to attract even half of its attention, and to reverse the odds Toyota is offering an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000, a cash discount of Rs 7,500, and a corporate bonus of Rs 4000 which cumulates to Rs 21,500 total bonus.

Next in line for the Toyota, February 2021 discounts is the Toyota Yaris. The car is getting discounts for 2 different ways first for MY2020 getting an exchange bonus of Rs 25,000, a cash discount of Rs 25,000 and a corporate bonus of Rs 15,000 adding up to a total of Rs 65,000. And for the MY2021 the car gets an exchange bonus, cash discount and corporate bonus of Rs 15,000 adding up to an overall discount of Rs 45,000.

toyota February 2021 discount

The company also has the Maruti Vitara Brezza identical twin, the Toyota Urban Cruiser for the Toyota February 2021 discounts. For this car, the situation is very similar to the Glanza where despite both cars being identical the car sales have a difference of many folds. So, to overcome this situation the company is providing an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 and a cash discount of 15,000 adding up to a total discount of Rs 35,000.

Cars like Innova Crysta, Fortuner facelift and Legender are not included in this discount because of their recent launch and the sales of the new Fortuner as pretty impressive for the company, moreover, the Camry and Vellfire are also excluded from this discount list.