Toyota is working on developing Hydrogen powered internal combustion engine, starting with the Corolla hatchback along the Yaris GR 4WD system.

  • Toyota Corolla with Hydrogen IC engine
  • Toyota claims that IC engine can run 100% on hydrogen with no mixing of crude oil
  • Koji Sato revealed that the Hydrogen output levels are almost same as IC engine levels

Japanese manufacturer Toyota has been working on developing hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines. Unlike, the fuel cell electric vehicle that uses the hydrogen cell to generate electricity to run a vehicle, the newly updated engine gets the power from hydrogen instead of gasoline fuel to run. As there is no gasoline oil is burning so there will be no environment harmful gases will be released from the vehicle, that further moves towards the greener energy power source to make the environment carbon-free.

Toyota corolla Hydrogen IC engine
Exhaust pipe

While according to Toyota the Internal combustion engine can run 100 percent on hydrogen fuel, with no missing gasoline oil in the engine. With this, the exhaust emission only contains the minute amount of engine oil gases burning during the operation, along with a tiny amount of NOx as the engine using atmospheric air for the combustion process. The company also announced that they will be entering the 2021 Super Taikyu 24-hour endurance series from May 21 to 23 2021. The IC engine will be 1.6 Litre three-cylinder turbocharged, and the vehicle will be a Corolla hatchback with GR Yaris 4WD configuration.

Although, this is also true that the engine is still under development, and going through the competition is a big risk. But it also tells that the company is very serious about developing this engine new technology and committed towards it. Koji Sato, president of GAZOO racing company, revealed that the bench specifications of hydrogen engines matched the output levels of gasoline engines, and the overall performance of the engine will be the same as the traditional IC engine. The hydrogen-powered IC engine is a good approach towards carbon neutrality, compared with the ongoing trend of electric vehicles.  

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