These two years have been a challenge for the automobile industry all around the world. First came the lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic followed by the still growing semi-conductor issue. Although no company could have ever survived the suffering due to the first reason but as for the second reason, the Japanese company Toyota has up until now managed the semi-conductors pretty neatly however recently the situation seems to have gone out of hand for the carmaker. As Toyota has announced the shortage of semi-conductor due to which it will be shutting down many plants worldwide for an uncertain period of time.

Toyota also said that the company may lose up to 3,60,000 units globally owing to this issue till September in which almost 60-90k units would be from the United States. The company also mentions that the shut will be affecting some plants around the world for a few days while some plants where the situation might be much worse will be affected till September end. However, not all models will be affected by this shortage like the Truck that the company produce will stay unaffected.

This chip shortage issue has led to some very weird practices followed by many car manufacturers like – in Brazil Volkswagen is selling its car without any infotainment system, Jeep has completely halted its production of the Gladiator and Ford is even handing out unfinished cars to the dealers.

The solution for this shortage issue is still unclear and is no way near its closure. Toyota in terms of sales is the biggest and also the best-selling car company in the world with the best seller being the Toyota Corolla which interestingly has been discontinued long ago in the Indian market.

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