Back when the emission norms are allowed the two-stroke motorcycles to run on the Indian streets. While, when it was the time the bike enthusiasts have many options to go for and Yamaha RX 100 was one of the most sold and most driven on roads. Yamaha RX 100 offers explosive performance despite being powered by a tiny 98 cc engine, which delivers 11 PS of maximum power. Although, the motorcycle was discontinued in favor to clean air and a healthy planet. Even after the discontinuation of the motorcycle, there are fewer bikes are left on the roads with subtle changes and customs. Here, we have put together the top 5 Yamaha RX 100 modified: –

  • Yamaha RX 100 modified into Dirt tacker
Top 5 Modified Yamaha RX 100

Starting the list with RX 100 modified into a dirt tracker, which is built by RTM design. The bike features a lot of off-roader equipment like a long tall handlebar, long-travel rear monoshock, ad wire-spoke alloy with knobby tires. Other, notable features like an orange-colored bulbous custom fuel tank, along with a single-piece seat. Some bodywork has been done exposing the frame and reduction in bike weight as well.

  • Modified RX 100 into café racer
Top 5 Modified Yamaha RX 100
Top 5 Modified yamaha RX 100

Telangana-based IRONIc Engineering, custom build Yamaha RX 100 into a café racer retro style. The motorcycle sports a tiny round-shaped headlamp, with a custom front cowl along with clip-on handlebars. The bike also features a custom fuel tank in red paint with Yamaha lettering on the sides of the tank. IRONIc also added a custom single-piece seat, along with a sporty racer cowl and aerodynamic side fairing. While, overall the design of RX 100 looks sleek, slim, and sporty; perfect for the weekend’s rides.

  • RX 100 Modified into Café Racer by Vedansh automobile
Top 5 Modified Yamaha RX 100

This particular Modified RX 100 has been developed by Vedansh Automobile into a café Racer. The Custom auto work is based on a Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The Bike features a custom paint job of matte black and off-white side linings on the fuel tank, side fairing, and on the side glove box. The bike also features single-piece clip-on handlebars along with bar-end rearview mirrors, a custom seat, and a LED taillight. The motorcycle rides on custom block pattern tires with five-spoke blackened alloy wheels. While, the modification isn’t too pricy, and still gives an old-school look.

  • RX 100 Designed by Ornithopter Moto custom works

This particular Yamaha RX 100 modified by Nasik, Maharashtra-based Ornithopter Moto Design custom works. The bike features a clip-on handlebar, a sim custom fuel tank, a new LED headlamp, LED taillights, and a ribbed seat. The bodywork has also been stripped down which exposing the air filter and helps in the reduction of bike weight. The bike gets a custom paint job of yellow and grey on the fuel tank; and conventional long handle front forks and rear monoshock.

  • Yamaha RX 100 Sero build by Jedi customs

This particular RX 100 custom built by Mumbai; Maharashtra based Jedi customs auto workshops. The bike takes its design to an aggressive approach towards simplicity, and the motorcycle gets lots of bodywork which further reduced its weight. The final design is very beautiful, lightweight, and gets a retro-styled design. The design details include a custom paint job fuel tank, single-piece seta, dual gas-charged rear shockers, and a custom chain cover with Yamaha branding.  

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