Humble motors are the California based Start-up and one of the latest car manufacturers to enter the greener energy sourced mobility. The Brand showcased their first solar powered vehicle a month ago known as the Humble One. The EV is stand out and breaks cover as the world’s first Solar powered SUV, the technology which hasn’t been used by the mainstream car manufacturer yet. Here, we put together the Top 5 Things one should about the Humble One: –

  • First ever Solar powered electric SUV

The Humble is not the first vehicle to used the solar energy technology, the Korean manufacturer Hyundai already seen using in its Sonata as well as the brand Karma revero. Although, the Humble One is the First SUV to features the solar energy technology. The Humble one generates power using solar energy and transfer that power to the electric motor, which gives the EV claimed driving range of 96 KM in a full charge. While it is yet to be seen how the solar panels performs in the other climate conditions as well.

Top 5 Humble One
humble one top view
  •   Design

The Humble One is still in its concept form, that being said the production ready version will features a lot of changes. While the concept form looks futuristic with LED Headlights, sloping roof rails, huge blacked out grille, rear spoiler, LED taillights, pillar less doors, frame less doors, and conventional ORVMs. The blacked-out alloy wheels popped out of the side body but will be downsize in the production version. The EV also gets the Splitter which also has a purpose somewhat in helping in aerodynamics design.

  • Specifications

The Humble has an 80 Square feet photovoltaic cells mounted on its roof which capture sunlight energy. This is enough to generate the driving range of 96 Km per day, while the company claims that it will give out maximum driving range of 805 Km in a single full charge. The E-SUV has a maximum power output of 1020 HP and has a drag coefficient of 0.25, courtesy of its design.

front viewTop 5 Humble One
Top 5 Things about Humble One
  • Launch Time line

The Humble One is likely to launch in the global market on 2024, while the manufacturer has already gotten a pre-orders worth of $20 Million which converted at INR Rs 196 crore.

Top 5 Humble One
Rear View
  • Price range

The official price band hasn’t been revealed by the manufacturer yet, and it is very soon to get the exact price range because all the details not been reviled about the EV. Although, the brand claims that the E-SUV will likely to be sold with a starting price of $109,000 in its production form. (Converted INR Rs 81 lakh).  

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