Tesla Inc. has commenced their operations in the Indian market, as they recently registered their tesla’s R and D in Bangalore. And just a few days ago it’s been reported that Tesla Motors is looking for space for their showrooms in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Gurugram. Union minister Nitin Gadkari also confirmed that the American electric vehicle manufacturer will be starting their vehicle manufacturing in India in early 2021. Although, at first the cars will be importing from China’s tesla production plant, and starting off with sales only, followed by locally manufacturing as per demands. While the first car from the brand is reported to be an entry-level vehicle Model 3, but the rising demand for high-performance and high utility vehicle SUVs in India means the manufacturer could bring Model X to the market. However, here we put together Top 5 things about the Tesla Model X: –

  • Design elements

The Tesla Model X is based on the same platform as the Model S sedan, that being said the vehicle share a lot of similarities. Model X looks like a modern urban soft-off-roader SUV. It has a Coupe-like design that features Tesla’s Unique design language. Although, the biggest notable thing in the SUV is its falcon arrow rear door design, which makes it extremely easy to access in and out for rear passengers. The Model X can be 5- 6- and 7- seater configuration according to the selected variant.

Top 5 Things about tesla Model X
Model X front view
  • Features

On the features, the Model X comprises a massive 17-inch landscape touchscreen infotainment system along with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The vehicle can be had in 5- 6- and 7- seater configuration, an 8-inch second-row display with a gaming computer. Its features list also boasts heated front and rear seats, tri-zone auto climate control, foldable flat seats, yoke steering wheel, a 22-speaker Audio system, HEFA filtration system, and much more.

Falco wing rear doors Model X
Falcon wing rear doors
  • Safety features

On the safety front, it gets tesla’s autopilot system, which enables the car to steer accelerate automatically. Autopilot also enables auto navigation, voice recognition, auto change lane, auto parking perpendicular or parallel with a single touch, and so on.

interior Model X
  • Performance

The Tesla Model X offered in two variants – Long-range and plaid. The Mid-Size electric SUV comes paired with a 100 kWh battery pack, that deliveries energy to two electric motors placed one of each axle in Long-range variant and in plaid, it gets three electric motors set up, that develops 1020 HP and makes it the fastest accelerating production electric SUV as of now. The long-range variant has an EPA estimated total driving range of 579 Km and the plaid variant EPA estimated driving range of 547 Km. While Model X long-range trim can sprint from 0 to 100 Kmph in just 3.8 Seconds and 2.4 Seconds in Plaid trim.

 7 seating configuration
Seven seating configuration in Model X
  • Expected launch Time line

Tesla is all set to launch its very first electric vehicle Model 3 in the coming months. That being said Model X will be the second vehicle from the manufacturer, which could go on sale, either at the end of 2021 or early 2022. The Tesla Model X long-range variant priced at $89,990 (Rs 65.72 lakh), and Plaid variant at $119,990 (Rs 87.62 lakh). However, it is expected to price around more than Rs 1 crore in the Indian market for the early models and if in future its demand goes up and if production is done locally its prices will go down.

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