The electric scooter start-up company Ather energy last year launched electric Scooter Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus. While the manufacturer has recently started its operations in New Delhi as well and hopes to sell twice the number of products in New Delhi as compared with many other cities. Ather Energy is a Bangalore-based Electric vehicle company. Herefore we put Together the Top 5 things to know about electric scooter Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus: –

  • Dealerships

Ather has only eight dealerships across India, including a recently opened showroom in Jaipur. Although, the company is ready to open new experience centers in New Delhi as well from next month. However, the company planning on opening new company-owned centers in Noida, Gurugram, Guwahati, Nagpur, Lucknow, and Siliguri. The buyers can book their free test drive through the Ather energy website before visiting the centers.

top 5 Things about Ather 450X
top 5 Things about Ather 450X
  • Futuristic Design

Both the Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus features the future-ready design, along with Sleek and sporty design elements. The Ather Scooter features, big headlamps on the front, blacked-out alloy wheels, stylish-looking rear grab handles, and a side stand neatly tucked in the body. Looks-wise both Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus looks the same in terms of design. The Scooters are available in three paint schemes, Space grey, Mint green, and White.

  • Features List

The Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus comes equipped with a 7-inch android supported LCD display touchscreen Bluetooth enabled, that shows charging station, navigation, and incoming calls. It also gets 22 Litre of seat storage, reverse assist, four ride modes, Eco, ride, sports, and wrap. While the Ather 450 plus misses out the Bluetooth connectivity and Wrap riding mode.

top 5 Things about Ather 450X
front View
  • Electric motor and battery pack

The electric Motor on Ather 450X develops 6 KW of maximum power and 26 Nm of peak torque, which can go from 0 to 40 Kmph in just 3.3 seconds. The Scooter comes with a certified range of 116 km. However, the Ather real-world range is 85 km at Eco mode, 70 Km in ride mode, and 60 Km in Sports mode. On the other hand, Ather 450 plus put out 5.4 KW of power and 22 Nm of torque and can go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.9 seconds.  

  • Price and Rivals

The Ather 450X priced at Rs 1,46,926 and Ather 450 Plus priced at Rs 1,27,916 in Delhi after reducing subsidy and FAME II. However, it should be noted that the above prices are ex-showroom. Currently, the Ather 450X rival with TVS iQube as well as Bajaj Chetak EV.

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