The trend of the market for the past few year has remained unchanged and is likely to remain the same, we are talking of segment that is gaining the most popularity amongst all other segment, the SUV segment. The power of the SUV segment has let to every other company in the market either introduce a facelift variant of their existing SUV or introduce a new SUV model and that so at an attractive price. Example of the trend of this segment is the Nissan Magnite, the company Nissan since its entry in the Indian market haven’t seen any of its model to go on such a high demand as the Magnite, reason to it: attractive pricing and the tag SUV to it.

Many companies have decided to start their year with the launch of a SUV be it a facelift or a new introduced model. Many big companies like Toyota, Mahindra, Renault, jeep and many others are diving in the year 2021 with a new SUV. Let us now ease up your difficulty by telling you the best SUV launching till February.

SUV launching till February
Toyota Fortuner Facelift with new restyled bumper and grille

The first SUV launching till February is the Toyota Fortuner which is the most popular car in the premium SUV segment in the Indian market. But the down side of the current Fortuner were its outdated features which when compared to some latest launched like the MG Gloster look a bit outdated. To counter this drawback the new 2021 Fortuner is arriving from 6th January with all updated looks and feature.

  • Toyota Fortuner Legender (January 6, 2021)

The Toyota Fortuner Legender is the more premium version of the facelifted Fortuner with more premium looks and some added specifications. The Toyota Fortuner Legender will be priced a bit higher than the facelifted model owing to things discussed earlier and the Legender will only come in RWD option.

SUV launching till February

The gravitas can also be termed as the bigger version of the Tata Harrier with the addition of a third row which will make it a 7-seater. The car will make its appearance at 26th January and was last year introduced in the 2020 Auto Expo. And the launch for this car will be in a few weeks after 26th January.

  • Jeep Compass (January 7, 2021)
Jeep Compass facelift
Jeep Compass facelift with new updated grille

Jeep has announced the launch of the new facelifted compass to be done on 7th of January. The company is for right now suffering from decline in sale and hope that Compass will be the knight in the shining armor that will make the company recover from this dilemma.

Renault kiger 3rd quator front view

Lastly, we have a new Renault entry the Renault Kiger which will be competing in the hottest segment right now the sub-4-meter segment. The car will be globally launching in January 28th and is expected to launch in the Indian market in early march. Company a few months back gave a glimpse of the car with its concept model after which company claimed the car will be 80 percent similar to this concept.