The Automobile industry never seems to be happy with any single trend, when hatchback was in trend, the industry felt stable but then to juggle things up companies introduced compact SUVs and when it started to stabilize again companies had started converting their top-selling 5-seater SUVs into a bit lengthier 6/7-seater SUVs. And since this trend, some major manufacturers have tried this trend and had great success, so now following this trend many other companies are also ready to dive into this new genre of cars. So, to ease up your wishes we bring you the list of Top 5 mid-size SUVs turned into 6/7-seater SUVs.

  1. Mahindra TUV300 and TUV300+

First on Top 5 mid-size SUVs turned into 6/7-seater SUVs list we have, This Mahindra experiment which was not a huge success but is worth mentioning on this list. The TUV300 was not great but an average with a much affordable price, however, the TUV300+ was just an extension of the 5-seater to increase its seating capacity to 7.

  1. MG Hector and Hector+

MG Hector+ was one better adaptation of the 5-seater converted into 7-seater, with almost no boot-space this MG offering provided some great features at some reasonable price, however, the logo of a Chinese owned company became a major turnoff point for the audience. Although, the car made some decent sales.

  1. Tata Harrier and Safari

The Tata Safari was destined to become a success for the company, due to its safari name the car almost brought back memories for some riders. However, the car wasn’t originally named Safari, when first introduced in Auto Expo 2020 the car was named Tata Gravitas, but only with a name change, the sales skyrocketed. The car does have some decent features, and many reasons going for it, but do let us know, do you think the Safari 2021 is worthy to become the successor for a legend.

  1. Hyundai Creta and Alcazar

Hyundai also dived into this ongoing trend and has almost at the brink of launching its best-selling Hyundai Creta into a 7-seater variant name Alcazar, but unlike others on this list, this car is no pushover and does carry most of the features that make it stand out from the 5-seater Creta, be it looks or engine.

  1. Kia Sonet

Kia hopping on this bandwagon also recently introduced its 7-seater variant of Kia Sonet which is as for now only exclusive for the Indonesian market, but as this car is produced in India there is a high chance that this 7-seater variant will also be introduced in India later this year.

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