Two-wheeler sales have always been way ahead when compared to the sales figures of four-wheelers in the Indian market. The reason being traffic and cheaper price. In the first month of the year, companies gave it their all, to start their year with a good profit margin. And amongst the Top 10 sold two-wheelers of January 2021, the one leading its way to the top is Hero MotoCorp with a total sale of 4,67,753 units in the month of Jan 2021, however, compared to last year’s sales of 4,88,069 units, the company recorded a YoY decline of about 4.2%. Although, the company recorded a YoY decline the number 1 contender Hero Splendor recorded a sale of 2,25,382 units which counts for almost half of the total sales of January by the company, recording a personal growth of 1.26%.

Top 10 sold two-wheeler

At the second position, we have the Honda Activa selling 2,11,660 units in January and performing a sales decline of 9.84% on a YoY basis. At number three we have the 2nd most sold bike of Jan 2021, the Hero HF Deluxe selling a total of 1,34,560 units which when compared to the number 1 spot is only about 55% of it, however, the HF Deluxe was amongst the two-wheeler with the most decline on YoY basis of 29.71%.

At number 4 we have the Honda CB shine with a massive YoY growth of 128.7% and selling a total of 1,16,222 units last month. At number 5 we have the yet so popular Bajaj Pulsar with selling about 97,580 units last month and recording a growth of 42.76% YoY. Next in the line, we have TVS XL100 selling a total of 59,007 units last month and recording a growth of 12.34% YoY.

And at number 7,8,9 and 10 we have the TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access, Hero Passion, and RE classic 350 selling with sale figures of 51,952, 45,475, 43,162 and 40,875.

Top 10 Sold Two-wheelers

Two-wheelersSales in January 2021
1. Hero Splendor2,25,382
2. Honda Activa2,11,660
3.  Hero HF Deluxe1,34,860
4. Honda CB Shine1,16,222
5. Bajaj Pulsar  97,580
6.  TVS XL10059,007
7. TVS Jupiter51,952
8. Suzuki Access45,475
9.  Hero Passion43,162
10. RE Classic 35040,875

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