Maruti Suzuki yet again led the Indian automobile market towards the boast at the start of the new calendar year. More than 7 models in Top 10 are from Maruti Suzuki.

  • Indian passenger car industry posted 17.7 per cent growth in Jan 2021
  • Maruti Suzuki alto Top the list with 18,260 units
  • Total of 7 models are from Maruti Suzuki India and 3 from Hyundai motors India
  • Vitara Brezza Compact SV finished at 10th position with 4.82 percent increased sales volume

Maruti Suzuki India Limited led the way ahead of Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Honda, Toyota and Renault. The Indian passenger car industry posted a 17.7 per cent growth in Jan 2021 as it sees growth in sales for passenger vehicles sixth month in a row. From Maruti Suzuki Alto tops the car list with more than 18,260 units last month against 18,914 units in the same period in 2020, with 3.45 percent decline in sales. On the other hand, another hatchback from Maruti Swift finished at 2nd rank with 17,180 units last month against 19,981 units in the same period in 2020, with 14.01 percent De-growth.

Despite the decline in sales on year-on-year basis Maruti products led the passenger car sales. The third rank secured by Wagon-R just behind Swift with 17,165 units last month against 15,232 units in the same corresponding period in Jan 2020, with 12.69 percent increased sales growth. The Baleno Premium hatchback finished at fourth position as 16,648 units were sold last month against 20,485 units in Jan 2020, with 18.73 percent Sales Decline. Despite the major Rival Hyundai I20 third generation launch it couldn’t dethrone the segment leader and finished outside from Top 10.

The Dzire Compact Sedan secured fifth rank with 15,125 units in the similar fashion like other products, Alto, Swift, Baleno as the Dzire sales Decline by 32.49 percent compared on year-on-year basis with Jan 2020. At sixth and seventh rank Hyundai cars finished with a massive growth of more than 78 percent increase in volume, with the hep of new generation Creta and Compact UV venue. Also, Creta was most sold UV in the country last month with 12,284 units were sold and venue not far from their sibling with 11,779 units were sold by venue. 

top 10

The Eeco occupied the 8th position and Hyundai i10 Nios finished at 9th rank, former with 11,680 units and later with 10,865 units. At the last 10th rank garnered by another Maruti offering Vitara Brezza as 10,623 units were sold last month against 10,134 units in same period last year in 2020, with 4.82 percent positive sales growth compared on year-on-year basis.