Hero Moto corp dominated the sales yet again with toping the sales list of November 2020, following with Bajaj and Honda grabbing success with it.

  • Total of 16 lakhs two-wheelers sold
  • 2,48,395 units of splendor were dispatched
  • Hero retained their position at the top yet again

As the stressful year coming to a close, the two-wheeler market of India has shown a good recovery from pre-lockdown times in terms of sales. As more than 16 lakh units of bikes and scooters have been sold in November 2020, with again hero motorcycles topping the sales chart. The Success of Hero-moto Corp mainly because of their commuter Splendor trim-line, which benefits the brand. As taken in numbers a total of 2,48,395 units of only splendor has been dispatched, following by 1,79,246 units of Hero HF deluxe has been sold last month. Hero Corp offers splendor in three different models – including, splendor plus, splendor I smart, and super splendor. These different models come in three different segments line.

Tvs-Apache-Series bikes

Followed by Hero HF deluxe, the third position was held by Bajaj Pulsar with 1,04,904 units of all different variants in offers combined. Next, we have Honda CB shine, which a total of 94,413 units were dispatched last month. At the fifth position, we have another Hero Moto corp motorcycle, passion pro plus with 53,768 units that were retailed last month. Moving on the next sixth place taken by Bajaj’s entry-level commuter, Platina 100 and 110 H-gear which manages to sell 41,572 units combined of both the variants in offer.

TVS-Ntorq-Race-Edition looks sporty

TVS apache held the seventh position with a combined sale of all different variants (consisting of RTR160, RTR160 4V, RTR180, RTR 200 4V, and RR310) 41,572 units. We have yet another Hero Bike at eighth position Glamour 125 which sold 37,899 units in November 2020. At the ninth position, we have the royal Enfield classic 350, which sold 39,391 units last month. The classic 350 still retains as the top-selling motorcycle for the brand in the Indian market, despite the fact that it’s due for an update next year. At the tenth position, we have Bajaj entry-level commuter CT with a total sales unit of 29,046 units last month.