Hero Splendor once again finished in the top sales for the brand in august 2021 as it dispatched 2,41,703 units remains in the top 10 sold motorcycles for a month.

  • Hero Splendor again remains at top with minor 4% growth
  • Bajaj motorcycles finished in 4th 5th and 6th position with Platina getting a positive growth
  • Last position is taken by yet another Hero motorcycle named Passion with 71.7% Degrowth

The month changes but the domination of Hero MotoCorp didn’t change. Yet again in another month sales Hero best selling and most loved daily commuter bike Splendor finished at the top of the sales chart in august 2021. The brand dispatched 2,41,703 units of Splendor as against 2,32,301 units sold in last year at the same month resulting in minor growth of 4% on a YoY basis. While the second position is taken by Japanese bike manufacturer Honda CB Shine with selling 1,29,926 units last month against 1,06,133 units in the same month last year getting a 22.4% YoY growth. The Hero HF Deluxe was the third most sold motorcycle with 35.5% degrowth last month.

ModelsAugust 2021 Units sold
Hero Splendor2,41,703
Honda CB Shine1,29,926
Hero HF Deluxe1,14,575
Bajaj Pulsar66,107
Bajaj Platina56,615
Bajaj CT10026,578
Hero Glamour23,747
RE Classic 35023,453
TVS Apache16,423
Hero passion14,812
Top 10 motorcycles sold in august 2021

As it sold 1,14,575 units last month against 1,77,168 units in the corresponding month last year. The Bajaj motorcycles are slotted at three different positions in the top 10 motorcycles sold last month. Fourth, the fifth, and sixth positions are taken by Pulsar 66,107 units, Platina 56,615 units, and CT 100 26,578 units last month. While, during the same month last year these bike sells 87,202 units, 40,294 units, and 34,863 units. Although, Bajaj Platina was the only motorcycle to have a positive sales growth of 40.5 percent on a year-on-year basis.

Top 10 motorcycles sold in august 2021

In the second half of the list, the seventh position is slotted to Hero glamour with dispatching 23,747 units last month as agnates 54,315 units during august 2020 resulting in a decline by 56.2 percent on a Year-on-year basis. While recently launched new generation royal Enfield predecessor version sold 23,453 units last month as against 34,791 units during the same month last year resulting in a decline by 32.5 percent on YoY basis and slotted at eighth position. The ninth position is taken by the TVS Apache series as it sells 16,423 units last month against 33,540 units in august 2020 getting a decline of 51 percent. The last position is taken over by yet another Hero bike Passion with 14,812 units sold and registering degrowth by 71.7 percent.

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