May 2021 may not have been the best month for any carmaker in India in comparison to MoM sales, however looking back at the same kind of situation in May 2020, the majority of the automobile companies did finish on a positive note, with the only exception of Toyota, which was undergoing maintenance phase at that time. Not only the sales but the export was also highly affected by the lockdown situation as most of the production was either halted for most of the time or was to follow the strict covid rules. The export in May 2021 stood at 31,777 units, which was more than twice the same period last year where the sales stood at 14,965 units. Comparing each model export, here is the list of Top 10 cars exported in May 2021. ExportsMay 2020May-2021YoY growth
List of top 10 cars exported in May 2021

Leading the export market is the Ford EcoSport which the company managed to export a total of 2,925 units last month, although the company’s production was halted last year and wasn’t managed to export a single car in the international market. At the second spot, we have the Volkswagen Vento with 2,787 exports last month compared to that of 1,002 units in May 2020 generating a YoY growth of massive 178%. Most of the other entries also managed to show a pretty positive recovery from last year with exception of Kia Seltos and Hyundai Verna which showed a negative growth of -35% for the former and -49% for the latter.

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