December 2021 was a great month for the automobile market with a sale of 2,43,112 units, however, as compared to the sales of the previous year 2,63,041 units this year recorded a negative sales growth of 7.6 per cent. While talking about the car sales of the Top 10 companies for December 2021, the Indo-Japanese car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 1,13,851 units in December 2021 which if compared to the sales of December 2020 of 1,29,539 units translating to the overall growth of -12%.

Car BrandsDecember 2021 SalesDecember 2020 SalesYoY growth
1. Maruti Suzuki1,13,8511,29,539-12%
2. Tata Motors35,30023,54650%
3. Hyundai32,31247,40032%
4. Mahindra15,33813,754-12%
5. Toyota10,8327,48745%
6. Honda7,9738,638-8%
7. Kia India7,79711,818-34%
8. Renault6,1309,800-37%
9. Volkswagen3,7002,40154%
10. Skoda3,2341,303148%

Jumping from third place on the list of Top 10 Car Sales for December 2021 is none other than Tata Motors with the grand success of Tata Punch has managed to attain a sales of 35,300 units last month as compared to the sales of 23,546 units in 2020 generating a YoY growth percentage of 50%. Next on the list is the Korean manufacture slipping from the 2nd spot, Hyundai Motors which managed to generate a sale of 32,312 units last month as compared to the sale of 47,400 units in 2020 generating a negative growth of -12%.

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