The global automobile market has suffered a lot from the past 2 year due to various reasons, in which the most obvious being the COVID-19 Pandemic which caused a great trouble for the market, some of them even hitting 0 sales for 1 or 2 months, after which came the semi-conductor shortage which although settled out pretty quick but surely affected many brands around the world. However, everything has started coming back on track with sale going up again and market is recovering pretty good from it. The thing that changes the most were the real valuations of the companies, some of them improved well and fine but for some this year wasn’t that great. So, today we bring you the Top 10 car brand valuation analysis of this year compared to the last year.

Top 10 brands valuation
tesla Model 3

At the number 1 spot in our list of Top 10 car brand valuation in the world we have the Japanese company Toyota which has climbed from last year’s number 2 spot to the number 1 spot leaving the American car brand Mercedes Benz behind, Toyota’s brand valuation for this year is $59.47 billion which is a jump of $1.4 billion compared to the last year. However, the results weren’t the same for the 1st runner-up which swept from number 1 place to number the 2 place and recorded a brand valuation of $58.22 billion which when compared to the last year is a decline of a staggering $7 billion which may be due to the loss of interest in luxury cars in the pandemic period. Next, we have is the German company Volkswagen which values $47.02 billion and recorded a growth of $2 billion, at the number 4 position we have another German company BMW valuing at $40.44 billion compared to last year’s valuation of $40.48 billion. For rest of the list follow the list below.

List of Top 10 car brand valuation in the world

Car Brands2020 Valuation2021 Valuation
1. Toyota$58.07 billion$59.47 billion
2. Mercedes-Benz$65.04 billion$58.22 billion
3. Volkswagen$44.89 billion$47.02 billion
4. BMW$40.48 billion$40.44 billion
5. Porsche$33.91 billion$34.32 billion
6. Tesla$12.41 billion$31.98 billion
7. Honda$33.10 billion$31.36 billion
8. Ford$18.51 billion$22.67 billion
9. Volvo$16.91 billion$17.75 billion
10. Audi$16.97 billion$17.18 billion

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