You might have seen many off-roading vlogs and clips showcasing their cars as a means for their survival in the wild, however, prepared to be amazed by the famous Nissan Patrol which has been modified into a camping truck or you can even say it as a mini home. The Nissan Patrol or many of times also known as Nissan Armada is a well-known SUV in many states like Australia, Spain and many more countries, the car is well acknowledged for its off-roading skills which mostly come without any modification and isn’t also crazy expensive.

The car currently is owned by an Australian guy named Marty which has modified the car for both off-roading and camping purposes and even use it as a daily driver. This Nissan Patrol has been built for long-range camping trips; the owner even claims to have stayed on camping with the longest time of straight 6 months on this car. you might even call this a mini portable home for him.

For the basic specifications of the vehicles, this Nissan Patrol is based on a cab and chassis platform and embodies a large 4.2-litre turbo diesel engine that comes coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission along with 4WD.

And starting with its modifications the car has a new factory Nissan steel bull bar, the mesh front grille has been removed and regular frame for the grille stands, super-strong side steps, the tires used here are the 20-inch Micky Thompson ATZ p3 attached with a 2-inch lift with bellow airbags at the rear.

The rear is where the magic happens, the rear comes equipped with all the necessary household items like portable gas and stove for cooking, an inbuild kitchen compartment, an inbuilt bedroom, a shower and lots and lots of storage, and not only that the car also comes with large solar panels to keep your machines running with no need to think about running out of power unless it’s a cloudy day.

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