If you aren’t an off-roading enthusiast then you probably haven’t heard about the Mercedes Pickup truck, the life span of the Mercedes Benz X-class pickup truck was rather short, the company debuted the truck in 2017 and was quickly discontinued in 2020 because of low sales, although the truck was the amongst the best-looking truck you might have ever seen. But, someone in the Netherlands didn’t fully agree to this and customized his own 6-wheeler version of the truck.

The car which we will be talking about here is the Mercedes Benz X350d, which comes with a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 diesel engine and is capable of generating a max power up to 258 PS and a max torque up to 550 Nm, coupled with a standard 7-speed automatic transmission. The customized car however is inspired by the G63 AMG 6×6 pickup truck, but more practical than just for show and no use. The idea behind this customization was to build a Mercedes machine that no one would have imagined of.

So, starting with the customizations, the car gets a new customized subframe to make space for a new 3rd axel and a pair of wheels, the wheel size of the car has also been increased quite a bit and now carry’s a set of new off-road tires (LT 285/65 R18), and to fit these big ass tires the suspension is also been lifted up by 10 cm. The front grille of the car is also exchanged with Mercedes GTR grille, the rear boot has also been increased to make the accommodation of tires no too tedious. The paint job however still remains the same and the same can be said for the interior, while the doors do get some additional protectors.

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