Army Jeep has been a part of Indian history for a very long time and has been used since the time of world war II and is still in use in some variant or the other. Today we bring you the war veteran Mahindra Willys Jeep which was originally launched in 1942 in the USA as the Jeep Willy and latter got some tweaks to become the Willy CJ-3B also which gives a subtle resemblance to the Willy MB. The Jeep Willys CJ3B was later introduced in India as an Army vehicle during the second world war in collaboration with Mahindra.

Willys CJ3B was the first military vehicle that was mass-produced in the USA. The car was at that time used for all military purposes like transportation of cargo, wartime medical facility, and many more. These cars were very effective on the ground with fast mobility and superior power owing to their 16-inch tires, 60 horsepower at 4000 rpm, and some of its other features include a gasoline can to the rear, leaf spring suspension, and rear-wheel power-driven system.

The CJ3B comprised of a tall hurricane F-Head engine designed by Barney Roos, this engine was much more powerful (25% more horsepower and 9% more torque) than its other models had like the CJ-3A and CJ-2A, the only drawback that the 3A and 2A had been its lack of power.

Although, it has been seven decades since its launch we had the luck in finding this commercial cum world war 2 war veteran Mahindra Willys CJ-3B. it is amazing enough to know that this car is still running in quite a good condition with some deformities like the weak and corroded floor, worn-out seats and it needs quite a few muscles to drive this hero because of its manual steering and hard gear shifting. But it’s the car that will catch your attention no matter your age or where the car stands it will get the attention it desires even from a mile away. The owner of this car told us a story about this car which amazed us even more, this car was originally owned by our late prime minster Mr. Rajiv Gandhi from which he bought this car in the year 1968 and since then has been keeping the car in a good and working condition.