Mercedes Benz has launched its first all-electric 5-seater SUV car today ahead of its competitions like Audi and BMW which are still struggling to make their way into the Indian market with their all electric vehicle. Mercedes EQC is a first electric luxury car which is being sold in Indian market as for right now.

What is the price of EQC??

The Mercedes Benz comes at a whopping price tag of 99.30 Lakh which may seem a bit over the line but seeing some of its features you won’t regret it completely.

What are its engine specifications?

The EQC is powered by a distinct electric motor and planetary gearbox per axle, that in combination produces up to 402bhp and 561lb ft of torque.


How much will it cover in a single charge?

Powered by a floor mounted lithium ion battery of 85KWh it can cover a distance of 400km as certified by the company. The charging time may vary depending on your mode of charging as the car can be charged by 3 different modes

  1. 3.4kW domestic socket taking 21 hours
  2. 7.5kW wall-box charger provided by Mercedes can charge it in 10hrs
  3. 50kW DC fast chargers that is said to charge the car in 90mins, that will be provided by the company made stations in 48 cities

What are its competitions?

Currently the Mercedes Benz EQC has no competition in the Indian market being the only luxury electric car in India for now, although companies like Audi and Jaguar are planning to launch their electric car in near future.

The Mercedes’s EQC is only available in selected major cities and by online booking.