Condition of the tires is the most looked over the thing in our country as not many people even worry about their tire treads that bad are they are worn out and if there is any need for a change, especially in metro cities where the traffic does move it just crawls. The most basic thing that people don’t know is, that this thing plays a very important role in your car’s performance, safety and even the mileage of your car. So, let us take a quick look at what are the Reason that should avoid driving with worn-out tires.

Before that let us know how to know that your tires are worn out?

The answer is to just look at your tire treads or some might even say tracks, these are the shapes or patterns grooved into your tires that provide grip to the surface of the road. If you notice the tire treads are quite shallow or in some cases the tire looks just bald then it’s time to change them.

The are many reasons why you should not drive with a worn-out tire, some of which are –

  •  They tend to overheat quicker

The easiest explanation for this is more the surface is in contact with the road the more heat it will generate due to friction, however, if you have tires in the condition that will allow air to flow through the grooves taking the temperature down along with less surface in contact.

  • More likely to puncture

Unlike the new tires, the worn-out or bald tires have very little rubber between the tire and the actual tube. This little rubber between them is easily penetrated even by shattered glass on the road.

  • Loss of air pressure

Worn out tires tend to lose air pressure pretty quickly, resulting in many scenarios like hard to steer, decreased fuel economy, and even cause tire burst.

  • Longer time to stop the car in the rain

The most common face scenarios are in the rain where these bald or worn-out tires lose grip to the road very easily causing the car to slip to some distance before fully stopping. This scenario can even cause major accidents.  

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