In congested cities like Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, and others. There are very few parking spaces left. Some people having difficulties in learning how to park well in small spaces in parallel. It is becoming very hard to find parking spaces in the Indian market, as the number of vehicles has been increasing a lot in the past few years. A lot of manufacturers are now developing the most affordable cars starting from Rs 4 lakh ex-showroom. So, you would have to learn how to park your car in a parallel parking space. There are simple 5 steps to becoming a perfect in parallel parking: –

  • Step 1

First in the crowded space find a place where your car can be aligned and fit, along with aligning your car with the car in space.

  • Step 2

The second step is seen through your rear quarter window glass. There are quarter gals on the third pillar while reversing see-through that until you can see a neighboring car. After that starts turning your steering wheel in the right direction.

  • Step 3

Now see through the left rear-view mirror, and if you see a whole car in a mirror then turn the steering wheel back to a straight position and keep reversing.

  • Step 4

Then you need to look into the right rear-view mirror. When the rear-view mirror aligns with the corner of the car parked in front of you then starts steering left while reversing. Do that till your car gets parallel to the curb of the road.

5 steps parallel parking problem
  • Step 5

The vehicle is now parallel to the car parked behind you and in front of you. While, for some final adjustment before you lock your car and leave, make sure that your vehicle is in the middle of space. For that, you need to move the vehicle slightly forward. However, make sure that there will be enough space for neighboring cars driver to take their vehicle from the space without any hassle of rear space.

There are the simple 5 steps by why you can park your vehicle in parallel in any parking space. While you better practice for perfection. Parallel parking is an important skill to learn as one day or another you have to do it.

5 steps parallel parking problem

Parking Sensors and cameras

Now automobiles sold in India are coming with mandatory rear parking sensors, which are useful for alerting the rider during reverse. The parking sensors will beep, and the beeping will continue and get higher when you approach the vehicle. There are also 360-degree camera features in the top-end variants offered, along with automatic parking. The vehicle will self-park itself according to the space and parking lines on the road. These features are currently offered in vehicles costing above Rs 30 lakhs.

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