Tata Nexon has become the Number 1 selling EV car of 2020 with it sale beating its competitors by more than twice the sales.

Fossil fuel maybe the trend for the past century but due to it superfast consumption and no way to replenish this fossil fuel electricity is started to take place as the main source of fuel used in automobiles. India has just started the trend of electric cars with its first electric car the Tata Nexon EV being launched in January 2020, the car was not only the first electric car but also the made in India EV car, later on followed by many companies like Hyundai, MG and few others.

The Number 1 Selling EV car of 2020:

Although the car was launched on 28th January 2020 the Number 1 Selling EV car Nexon EV didn’t enjoyed a sudden surge like every other car. The sales of the car took off in march after which the country saw something no one would have though would be happening, a complete lockdown in the entire country which hit every car manufacturer pretty badly. But after this lockdown month the Nexon EV hasn’t seen a month of decline in sales with every month giving even better sales than the last. In total Tata has sold over 2600 units of the Nexon EV was is more than twice when compared to the 1st runners-up MG ZS EV selling a total of about 1250 units till date. Every other car on our list compared to these two are nowhere near them.

Car sales in the year 2020

MonthNexonMG ZSKona EVTigore-Verito
Oct & Dec1,2534553700

 As everyone reading this news might know that these electric cars also need a special subscription, Tata in August 2020 introduced a monthly subscription plan for its customers which was further made cheaper in September and December making the car more appealing to the Indian audience.

The major plus point of the Number 1 Selling EV car Nexon EV over its other competitors was its attractive pricing which was fairly low when compared to others. In this race was also the much-hyped Kona Electric which made a total sale of around 190 units till the end of the year 2020. The Hyundai Kona EV also made quite a bad impression on the audience with a news leak of risk of car caching fire.

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