Hyundai has just launched its new variant of its best selling hatchback car the i20 and just after its launch the speculations have started to grow about who will be the new king of the hatchbacks the new i20 or its toughest competitor the TATA Altroz. Its not the first time that these companies are locking horns with one another, they had the same competition in the SUV segment with contenders the new Hyundai creta and TATA Harrier.

Let us ease off your worries and breakdown the competition between these mini beasts on the basis of their spec. sheet.

At what prices are they offered?

The first thing a person looks in the car is not its looks or features but the prices they are offered at so let’s first compare that.

The new Hyundai i20 ranges from its base model at Rs 6.79 Lakhs and goes up to the top variant at Rs 11.17 Lakhs (ex-showroom) which is the turbo variant that is absent in the Altroz. Now looking at the Tata Altroz’s price which ranges from Rs 5.44 lakhs for base variant up-to Rs 9.09 lakhs for top variant.

 Base Variant*Top Variant*
Hyundai i20 petrol6.79 lakh9.69 lakh
TATA Altroz petrol5.44 lakh7.75 lakh
Hyundai i20 diesel8.19 lakh10.59 lakh
TATA Altroz diesel6.99 lakh9.09 lakh
Hyundai i20 turbo petrol8.79 lakh11.17 lakh
TATA Altroz turbo petrol


What are they hiding under the hood?

Driver side view of hyundai i20
In this image hyundai i20 diamond cut alloys looks lustrous

The Hyundai i20 comes in three different engine variations

  1. 1.2 litre petrol engine
  2. 1.5 litre diesel engine
  3. 1.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine

The 1.2 litre engine variant offers 83ps power and 114Nm of torques which can be increased by +5pd by selecting the iVT gearbox that provides 5-speed transmission. The 1.0 litre turbocharged engine offers 120ps power and 170Nm of torques coupled with 7-speed DCT or 6-speed iMT transmission designed for the speed lovers. The 1.5 litre CRDI engine generates 100ps power and 240Nm torque for all the torque lover audience.

Now if we look at the competitor TATA Altroz comes with two engine variations

IN this image the piano black ORVM with chrome accent glance astounding
  1. 1.2 litre petrol engine
  2. 1.5 litre diesel engine

The 1.2 litre petrol engine packs a power of 86ps and torque of 113nm and the diesel variant coming with a 1.5 litre diesel engine packs power of 90ps and torque of 200nm. Both the variants lack a step behind in the transmission field from the i20 where the Altroz comes with 5 speed MT.

Looking at the stats we can see that the clear winner in the petrol version is the TATA Altroz by giving a better power output but the result changes in the diesel version where i20 takes the win and for the final version of the turbocharged engine Altroz doesn’t have this version so i20 goes for a clear win.

Looking at the fuel economy i20 offers a mileage ranging from 20.25kmpl to 25.3kmpl for diesel engine comparing to the Altroz which has a mileage of 19.05 to 21.2kmpl for diesel engine.

Which one is the more feature rich car among them?

Hyundai packs in a lot of features that cannot be found in any other of its competitors like the ambient lighting, Bose 7 speaker set, a 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment system, dual color interior shades, oxyboost air purifier and much more.

The TATA Altroz lacks at bit in some features compared to the new i20 like a smaller 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system, google assistant powered commands and much more.