It’s been almost half a year since Tesla announced its headquarter registration in Bengaluru, which means the company is all set to start its production this year as announced by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. As reports are coming that the American Electric Car company Tesla is planning to set up its first dealership and service stations in 3 major cities of India to cover the major part of the country like for North, company is planning to set-up its new ground in New Delhi Region, for the west and centre the company plans to set up in Mumbai and for the South Region, the place is chosen to be Bengaluru. And if going by the reports Tesla is looking for commercial property in these cities as large as 20,000-30,000 square feet.

The company looking for these lands is CBRE group inc. which is a global property consultant that will make sure that the land provided to the company will be befitting for the company and will garner customers more easily.

One of the first cars that will be introduced to the Indian market will be its luxury EV sedan Tesla Model 3. The car will be first imported as a CBU from the Shanghai plant in China, and if the demand for the car persists in a good quantity, then there might be a chance that Tesla will start its production in India rather than assembling.

Tesla First dealership
Tesla First Dealership in Delhi

The Union Minister Nitin Gadkari also offered Tesla to manufacture their cars in India rather than Importing as a CBU and even proposed the idea of lowering the taxes for the EV manufacturer to bring down the cost of its cars.

Tesla’s showrooms are more like experience centres if we look globally, and continuing this trend, Tesla will more likely be willing to open similar experience centres with some tweaks considering the Indian market. However, there is no information regarding which city will be the first one amongst the 3 described above.   

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