China-based CATL battery supplier of American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla unveils more affordable sodium-ion battery technology.

  • Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited CATL unveils affordable Sodium-ion battery
  • Sodium-Ion battery is more affordable than lithium-ion battery pack
  • This is another step into a greener source of energy, and towards carbon neutrality

China-based battery manufacturing company Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), recently unveils a more affordable sodium-ion battery pack in its online launch event Tech Zone. Along, with it, the company also revealed the AB battery pack solution, which can be integrated with both sodium and Lithium-ion batteries in one single pack. CATL at the event also states that this technology will be a forwarding step to a more affordable new solution of greener energy and vehicle electrification. With a lot of international automakers aiming towards carbon neutrality and this tech could help reach those goals, claim by the company.

CATL sodium-ion battery pack

Sodium-ion batteries utilize a similar working principle as lithium-ion batteries, and the production materials used for lithium batteries same can be used for sodium batteries as well. While sodium-ion offers plenty of advantages like long charging times don’t damage the battery and the chemical reaction lacking corrosion. And the biggest advantage of sodium over lithium is more affordability and copiously available. That being said, sodium battery is a lower energy density similar to Li-ion. These limits are only used for smaller speed EVs, while CATL also stated that they have worked extensively to improve the tech and achieved higher density up to 160 Wh per kg.

CATL sodium-ion battery pack
CATL sodium-ion battery pack

The Company also stated that the battery has a retention ratio of -20 degrees Celsius, which makes them greater as it can be used in cold temperatures areas as well. As for the Sodium-ion and lithium-ion battery combined battery pack, they control via a BMS precision algorithm. This combined battery pack has a higher density in comparison to sodium battery with the best low-temperature performance than Lithium-ion battery. As per CATL, the production of Sodium-ion batteries is compatible with ongoing lithium battery production. As per the current production line of lithium, it can be easily switched to sodium one in no time. Carbon neutrality has generated massive demand for a clean and greener energy source for vehicle mobility.  

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